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The Material Of The Naughty Castle Channel
The Material Of The Naughty Castle Channel

Now children's naughty castles often appear in shopping malls. Do you know the materials of children's naughty castle passages? How to design children's naughty castle lights better?
The material of the children's naughty castle channel:

First of all, the naughty castle playground requires a lot of materials and parts. For example, the uprights play a good supporting role for the entire playground. If the quality of the column is not enough, it will affect the role of the entire playground. In general, galvanized steel pipes are used for the uprights, which is mainly related to their thick and strong pipes.
Secondly, the children's naughty castle equipment is made of plastic parts. Generally speaking, the plastic parts are formed by rotomolding with special materials. And the color is also very gorgeous, especially the anti-static ability is also very strong. And there is a particularly good feature, then its safety and environmental protection. This is also a very important reason why many manufacturers choose it as the material of the naughty castle channel.

In addition, the soft bag is also a material that uses more materials in the naughty castle. Generally speaking, it is made of high-strength wood board selected and processed. The characteristics of the soft bag are that it has good waterproof, flame retardant and ultraviolet resistance.

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