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Competitive Indoor Playground Equipment
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We believe the utilization of new technology is the key to our success, while professional knowledge combined with personal dedication and innovative minds will bring us achievements.

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Competitive Indoor Playground Equipment

Leqi Amusement Equipment Co Ltd has about 6000m2 production place. As a experienced manufacturers in the playground field. We Have a lot of the moulds and machines to produce the playground. With the help of the experienced worker, our playground is really safe enough for children to play with. We believe the utilization of new technology is the key to our success, while professional knowledge combined with personal dedication and innovative minds will bring us achievements.

Product Description:

Model Competitive Indoor Playground Equipment
Size (L*W*H) 50-100 kids Capacity or Customized
Age Range 2-14years
Painting Electrostatic baking painting


A.Plastic parts:LLDPE engineering plastics

B.Tube:Diameter 48mm and thickness:1.8-2mm hot galvanized

C.Soft parts:Three-ply board wood inside,pearl wool middle outside with 0.45mm pvc thickness coating

D:Mat 100*100*2cm the material is EVA mat

Components Slide,Bridge,Tube Crawling,Punching Bags and Hanging Ball etc.
Installation we can supply enginner for install,or send installation manual and vedio.
Features Exercise children’s drilling,climbing,jumping and running ability etc.
Certificatesage We obtained CCC,ISO9001 and Europe CE.
Packing Bubble Film and cotton cloth etc.


Q: I can’t find a certain product that I really want, can you help me?
A: Either try to go to the home page through the “Home” button and look through our product page, or alternatively, you can use the search function located on the top right corner of the page. If you still can’t find the product that you want, please chat up with our online service team; they will point you to exactly what you want.

Q: Do you offer site design services?
A:Yes, we have 2D/3D floor plan design experts to cover this area. Once you have made a purchase, and provide us the site details, our specialists will begin to work on the plan. You can always check on the progress and give them inputs to alter the designs during this process.

Q: Do your company have the certifications that are required for use in our country?
A: Our Company is CE certified and SGS audited. If you require any additional qualifications, do tell our sales team, and we will get them if we can.

Q: Do your company provide installation and repair services abroad?
A: Yes, our company has oversea installation and servicing teams that can go wherever our clients need them to go. As long as their expenses such as VISA fees, travel fares, food and living expenses are covered, our team will do everything related for you.

Q: How long will your products last?
A: Our products are designed to last, and are built with the best components that we can source from our local market. Most likely, they will continue to work long after our customers have made their investment back many times. All of our machines come with an 1 year warranty and lifetime service. Terms and conditions apply.

Our Services One-stop Solve Service From Design,Manufacture,To Installation. [Free design and Provide CAD installation drawings.] Our Cases Production Process Order Flow Company Information Packaging & Shipping

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