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Our factory Guangzhou Leqi Amusmement Equipment Co., Ltd. established on May 15th,2008,in order to enlarge our business,we open another company Guangzhou Runying Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. on April 25,2014,Now,our indoor playground customers are more than 3000pcs all from all over the world.Welcome to visit our modern,standard Factory.You will see our Top-Quality indoor plaguround by yourself.

If you are wondering what is commercial indoor playground equipment, you must know that Guangzhou Leqi Amusement Equipment is a prominent name in recreational industry that designs several indoor playground mode. Our company was established in 2008 and since then we have been in planning and executing several excellent models. We are best known for planning and designing kids indoor play equipment. So, let’s check out our out work.

Specialty of our work

While building baby indoor playground, safety remains our primary concern. We have a designing team that is experienced for 12 years. And the part is we can give your free design of children indoor playground as a part of consultation. In order to plan kids indoor playground, they do a thorough site inspection and that is the reason we are a trusted designing service in the industry. We have a team of expert who are professional enough to deal with indoor play equipment. We provide a team of expert to install the finished work in the site. In order to prepare a design of indoor playground for toddlers we use CAD drawing technique. Since 2008 we have earned trust from our customers by providing the best quality product. In terms of creating an indoor playground, we offer customization.

Things to know about our product

When it comes to indoor playground equipment, we use industry grade plastic which has anti-ultraviolet radiation property. You will get the product in different colors and the plastic that we use will not discolor in future. The specialty of the product is that it is protected from the changing weather condition. The surface of the pieces is smooth and that offers an excellent look to the finished product. We mould the plastic in the mould over at 260 degree. For the soft play equipment we use wood and sponge sometimes, we use PVC material. The product we manufacture is ISO certified and these products are used in public park, schools, amusement parks, shopping mall, family back yard, etc. We take 10 to 20 days to ship the product so, to know more you need to visit https://www.leqiplayground.com/.
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